September 12th, 2010

wyn: (Beliefs: Zeus: My Guardian)
RIP Zeus (2003-2010)

From Babyhood to Godhood...

...And now through the Veil to your Rightful Place as The Supreme God of All Things. But we know you'll use those powers for Good, right? ;)

Though your physical body has been left behind, your Soul carries on...

You will always be my Baby, Zeus, and no matter how the physical changes, this is one Truth that they cannot Take Away, Change or Steal from us. As you are already showing (even tonight), the physical world cannot confine you anymore. Because of this, I know our bond will only continue to Strengthen as I continue to walk my path with you beside me to guide me on my way, just as you always have since coming here and Truly, Wonderfully Gracing me with your Presence in my life.

For this and all the wonderful memories we have shared together, I will be Eternally Thankful. There are no words in any Language to describe how much your Presence in my life has changed me for the better. You Comforted me when I was sick. You gave me Laughter when I was racked with Sorrow. You shared your Love and Compassion and Understanding more times than I could ever begin to count... You were Truly a God in so very, very many ways (Okay, I know, I know. All of them).

Gods help the ones that freed you, Baby, 'cause gods are they going to have more than they can handle by the time you're done. As Mr. T would say: "I pity the fool!" Hell yeah, Baby, do I ever.

Thank you for the late night stargazing outside on the well. Thank you for all the good times shared with Cassie- and wow are there a bunch just from that to think back upon... Thank you for your Quiet Wisdom, your Gentle Guidance and your Boundless Love and Faithful Companionship.

You have touched my life in so very many Profound Ways.

I Love you, Zeus. And though I will miss the physical aspects of having you here, I know that nothing can touch you, nothing can stop you now. And I am comforted in Knowing that Gramps will have someone to walk the woods with again. It gives me peace that the two of you will have one another to help along the way. Just try not to be too much of a handful for him, huh?

Despite the sense of loss I feel momentarily from your physical departure from here, I know you're gonna be even better than you were before. 'Cause now you'll be able to climb those trees and open up a can of whoop-ass on that fisher cat that bit you that one time... Just try not to terrorize Jake and Em and Sully too much, okay? I know there was that one time where Jake was teasing you about catching him, but just remember that with Great Godly Powers comes Great Fun Opportunities Pranks Responsibility.

You will Forever be My Baby, and because of this, I will Forever be Your "Human".

Love ya Baby, and I'm not going anywhere. Can't wait to see what the Super Zeus can do.


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