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...I'm adding an addendum to My LiveJournal Rules which can be found on my profile page approximately halfway down.

In regards to the new crossposting to FB and Twitter option:

It is not okay to crosspost anything from my journal without obtaining consent from me first. By anything, I include mindless drivel, memes and even link posts. The only exceptions to this are entries where I ask that you spread the word around such as Sea Shepherd news, animal rights postings and other such things.

Unless you see a written request to repost something, however, you must get permission from me to crosspost entries.

Anyone found to be abusing the latest and not-so-greatest feature from the asshats in corporate will be de-friended and banned from my LJ/comms without a second thought. I don't care if I've known you for ten years, it applies to everyone on my list. Granted, those of you I have known for 10+ years are still on here because you guys are pretty cool and I find it hard to believe that you would be stupid enough to even warrant such a warning, but still...

Just so everyone's clear.
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Okay, being an artist who does not do commissions, I may be looked upon as an outsider to this in the respect that doesn't really effect me the way it does for those who do work for money. I do, however, have friends that work on commission and this pisses me right the hell off that there are douchebags such as this one who prowl about the different dA, elfwood and other art communities looking for an easy scam.

Okay, I'm being easy on the guy. What I'd really like to call him is a fucking elitist snob who thinks his shit doesn't stink and of which, has the right to scam artists off on their hard work only to line his own pocket with more money so that his life can be easier while the term "Starving Artist" is once more proved to be more often than not truthful.

But that's a mouthful.

Link to the original article is here.

Also, for those of you on my friends list who are newly working on commission, have thought about starting to work for commission or have been working on commission but not doing your research as to what you should be charging- aka, fair art rates- please, please, please read this article and beware that there are such scumbags on the prowl hoping to scam you out of your time and talent.

It's disheartening that there are as many people out there like this as there is, but the more people who know about this jerk, the better. Because if someone's going to be making fair use of your art and lining their own pockets with the money that would not be there were it not for your artwork to promote the project... well, I'm not saying you have to charge an arm and a leg for shit, but if you're doing it for a living, then yeah. What's fair is fair... or should be, at any rate.
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Not everything is black and white..

I am so sick of idiots playing the fucking race cards.


"I forgot he was black." Wtf? Hmm, he's black. Woo. And? Just because someone is black, white, red, yellow, or pink and white checkered with day-glo green zig-zags, it doesn't make them act a certain way. That comment, as well intentioned as it may (or may not) have been, was just ignorant.

I get the point of people being offended by that, I really do, but I also take issue with something said by a black woman as well:

Sophia Nelson, a black attorney, former lobbyist and founder of PoliticalIntersection.com, which focuses on politics, race and gender, said she has been offended by people calling her articulate and intelligent: "That's saying that people who look like me normally aren't those things."

No. You idiot, you. That's like saying you appear to be articulate and intelligent. Should I- a female Native American and Caucasian mix- take offense when someone tries to compliment me by calling me intelligent and well-spoken? No. I'm going to thank them and more than likely pawn off the compliment with something witty in return.

And it only goes to show once more that idiots, no matter the race, creed, sexual persuasion, age or gender, will still go out of their way to take issue with things.

As ignorant as that first comment was, that second comment? It was just as bad. I'm so sick of the whole walking on eggshells bullshit so many people dance around, especially as of late.

You're black. Get over it.

I'm white. Get over it.

You and I? We still bleed red when you prick us. We both breathe oxygen, need food and water and sunlight to live and we both have feelings, emotions, wants and needs and goals we'd like to accomplish.

Get over your fucking skin color.

Unless you don't want to.

In which case, at least have the balls to say, "I'm black, I'm racist, and I think everyone owes me the world." Or, in the case of the white guy down the street: "I'm white, I'm racist, and I think no one can do anything as well as I can."

Either way, maybe we should just hand out shotguns and swords and let everyone kill each other off from their own stupidity. Because really, it doesn't matter what color the skin is- we'll still find some way of making ourselves morally superior to some other group.

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A person I know points me in the direction of Monk for a Month, and this is how it started...

Really? You get to be an actual monk for a whole month? You get to help out people less fortunate than you and learn how to be a decent, good and respectful person? You get to learn good morals and tenets and the basic principles of Honor and Commitment? Ohmygods! Sign me up!


See, I have a problem with this whole buying Spirituality shit that's been a growing trend recently. Because, umm, hello? You can't buy Spirituality, people. Hmm, didn't Jesus say it best? (And yeah, I hate that they're making me drag out an example who's had their teachings corrupted as fuck by mankind for their own purposes and agendas, but in this instance, it does work.) "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, give unto God what is God's."

You cannot charge for shit that is Spiritual. That's it, end of discussion. It's one of the reasons why I've never charged for readings, workings or anything else. Because it's an ability that was gifted to me to use as an aide for others who come seeking answers.

I don't charge for my advice, why would I charge for my readings?

Now what I want to know is this- why in the gods' green earth would you need to travel to Thailand for in order to learn how to be a decent human being? There are homeless shelters, animal shelters, soup kitchens, food pantries, youth organizations, senior centers, church programs and many other opportunities to help out in your own area.

So, really, other than bragging rights, why the hell would you need to travel to a distant country to learn how to help people? You want to be a Spiritual person? That's fine. Start by spending some time out in nature. Connect with Mother Earth again. Listen to the voices of her children, hear what they have to say. And for the love of gods, don't be so damn closed-minded! Each and every thing on this planet is a living, breathing entity. An ant has just as much value and a right to life as you do, just as the fly or spider hanging out in your attic. They were here before us, and they'll be here after we're long gone.

Respect them. Respect others who earn that respect. Know that all life is precious and make a conscious effort to reinforce that in your life. Think before you kill. Put yourself in that being's shoes. Animals and insects are a people just as you and I are. They have families, they have purposes, and they have lives.

That right there? That's enough of a start on the Spiritual Path to get you going.

And guess what? That $2,000.00 you just saved on a bogus trip to a Thailand Temple? You can donate it to a local charity instead.

And then, instead of having just bragging rights, you'll have made a difference.

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