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...unless of course you're doing pastel work.

Oh well, live and learn people. Live and learn.

Take two of Uncle Ricky's Rhythm & Blues poster as soon as the fixative dries... And next time I try to use fixative on pastels, I'm spraying it way the hell away from the paper.

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Okay, being an artist who does not do commissions, I may be looked upon as an outsider to this in the respect that doesn't really effect me the way it does for those who do work for money. I do, however, have friends that work on commission and this pisses me right the hell off that there are douchebags such as this one who prowl about the different dA, elfwood and other art communities looking for an easy scam.

Okay, I'm being easy on the guy. What I'd really like to call him is a fucking elitist snob who thinks his shit doesn't stink and of which, has the right to scam artists off on their hard work only to line his own pocket with more money so that his life can be easier while the term "Starving Artist" is once more proved to be more often than not truthful.

But that's a mouthful.

Link to the original article is here.

Also, for those of you on my friends list who are newly working on commission, have thought about starting to work for commission or have been working on commission but not doing your research as to what you should be charging- aka, fair art rates- please, please, please read this article and beware that there are such scumbags on the prowl hoping to scam you out of your time and talent.

It's disheartening that there are as many people out there like this as there is, but the more people who know about this jerk, the better. Because if someone's going to be making fair use of your art and lining their own pockets with the money that would not be there were it not for your artwork to promote the project... well, I'm not saying you have to charge an arm and a leg for shit, but if you're doing it for a living, then yeah. What's fair is fair... or should be, at any rate.


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